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One-page website for
Centrum dr Ozimek -
a medical center in Warsaw

Wojciech Ozimek, MD, is a graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw and a member of many international medical associations. He runs the Centrum dr Ozimek – a private clinic in Wilanów district in Warsaw, where he treats patients in the fields of pediatrics and parasitology.

Our paths have crossed for the first time while developing the new Gras Healthcare website. The project contained a subpage with a medical guide about prevention of tick-borne and parasitic diseases. All of the articles included in the guide were edited by Wojciech Ozimek, MD, who is dedicated to this field for years. Designing a readable and functional website for the clients of the medical center was a challenge. As it turned out, one-page design with well-distributed elements proved to be the perfect solution. Clients can find key information easily: services overview, treatment prices and the medical guide access. They can also instantly arrange an appointment via link which redirects to the appointment form. Centrum dr Ozimek has received a multifunctional page with logically distributed segments. At the same time we have delivered our recognizable visual style by designing a one-page website in full compliance with modern UX standards. We invite you to check it out at

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