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Website for a leading beef producer

Founded by Jan Ludwiniak, Chobot Meat is an example of arguably the best type of enterprise – built around traditional family values and exceptional knowledge, passed down from generation to generation. For over 30 years, the Ludwiniak family has been exploring the secrets of expertise in the field of purchase, production, and export of high-quality beef.

As in any other industry, a definite internet presence is necessary to establish and maintain relationships with contractors. We have partnered with Chobot Meat because we believe that a company that stands out from the competition should also stand out online – with the help of a functional and well-designed website.

We have prepared a pure and simple website filled with light. Our idea was to maintain a balance between expressive photos of Chobot Meat and the background on which they are presented. Hence the obvious choice: neutral white that ensures perfect exposure. This allows us to more clearly present photos of products from the extensive portfolio of Chobot Meat.

White also emphasizes care for cleanliness and animal welfare – which translates into consumer safety. Once again, white turned out to be the best information carrier. We also took care of elements meant to please eyes, such as an interactive map of beef carcass division, thanks to which customers will quickly find out what products they can find in the company’s offer.

Following the visual identification of Chobot Meat, the most important details are highlighted on the page in bold red. This ensures easy navigation between the subpages of the offer and portfolio. Thus our design allowed for an intuitive distribution of information. That is why customers’ eyes are always directed to the right place.

We invite you to visit the new website of Chobot Meat.

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