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One-page design for an exceptional restaurant in Wroclaw

Every culinary connoisseur searches for unique places and experiences that stay in the heart for years. Those marked with a golden star on the map, those we yearn for secretly. One of the places deserving such an opinion is Wroclaw’s Craft Restaurant, located in the center of Ostrów Tumski, one of the oldest and most beautiful districts of the city.

The ethos of Craft cuisine

The most important values ​​for Craft is included in its name and the stories of people creating the restaurant’s team. But let’s start from the beginning.

The English word “craft” relates to “artistry”. It associates with authentic products and handicrafts. For this reason, Craft Restaurant guests can feel the difference in the approach to the culinary art. Craft’s staff think of courses as master products and recipes as sketches for new combinations of flavors.

The Craft’s central figure is Szymon Sierant, a former participant of Top Chef, strongly influenced by the New Nordic Cuisine, a Scandinavian culinary movement. The Nordic philosophy of working on “whole animals” or recipes based on earthy flavor trends clearly inspires his work. All this following the slogan of young Norwegian chefs: “clarity, simplicity, and freshness.” Meanwhile, Krzysztof Musielak is responsible for the exquisite bar menu. His exceptional drink recipes have been awarded on many occasions.

New website in Craft style

We undertook the challenge to design for Craft with the greatest pleasure. The effects exceeded our expectations thanks to the precise arrangement of content and unique photographs. Every detail related to the restaurant was important to us, which is reflected in the design and aesthetics of the website.

The layout allows for easy navigation between menus and subpages. The one-page design should never overload us with features and with this realization. We avoided it without harming UX and users, who are looking for a full-fledged and convincing site. We have found a compromise between “attractive” and “useful” – that is, between culinary displays and practical information for clients.

The site charms with full-screen parallax photos showing the interior of the restaurant. We wanted to capture the emotions of the staff and guest’s. The expressions truly speak volumes. The interior, especially the open kitchen, resembles an old antique workshop – industrial-styled metallic details are combined with a lot of wooden elements. The fragrance and texture can almost be felt with the senses. We hope that our task of translating the authentic atmosphere of the restaurant into the website was quite successful.

We invite you to visit the Craft Restaurant.

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