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Simple and effective data encryption in compliance with GDPR

In connection with GDPR, business owners have begun to implement procedures for securing files containing personal data, e.g. with the use of a password. Is this solution sufficient? We wanted to be sure so we developed our own tool to share files and folders in an encrypted way.

The idea of DocSecure is absolutely intuitive. A user who would like to share a file or folder adds it to their online storage space and indicates the e-mail addresses of their recipients. That’s all the user has to do because the system automatically guides the recipients through a short registration process and then grants access to the relevant files or folders in an encrypted manner. We have focused on new technologies and automation of time-consuming processes. Under standard conditions, an employee would password-protect a file, for example in pdf or zip format, and send it by email. DocSecure operates outside the overstuffed email box, because all communication related to files and folders takes place in the system. The application contains functions that can also be used in HR, payroll and accounting departments, where the number of unencrypted documents sent monthly is very high. One of them is Dispatcher, which allows you to send even several hundred files to individual recipients with a single click. Users will also have access to several language versions, to the possibility of interface personalisation, notification management and additional file encryption. DocSecure will be available to companies in the second half of 2020 via mobile applications or the website

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