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Website for a foundation promoting ecological transport

The pace of climate change has clearly accelerated in recent years. It is slowly becoming clear – even to the greatest skeptics – that human activity is the major factor that negatively affects the ecosystem.

In 2019, at the request of the European Parliament, it was calculated that passenger cars are the main source of pollution from road transport, accounting for 60.7% of all CO2 emissions in Europe. That is why initiatives promoting an alternative to internal combustion engines, i.e. electric cars, are so important. Electric Vehicles Promotion Foundation (FPPE) pursues a noble goal, therefore it fully deserves an eye-catching and aesthetic website that will make readers stay as long as possible. We are convinced that the elements we choose, such as a film in the landing’s background or subdued colors associated with nature, will positively affect the attention span of the recipients. A visit to the new FPPE website is a combination of pleasant (for the eye) and insightful (for the mind). Dig into it:

ARPI Network is a part of ARPI Group, a Norwegian holding which started to operate in Poland in 2001.