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Engaging mobile-first design for a popular design studio in Warsaw

It has been a great challenge for us to design and implement a website for another designer. Especially considering the fact that he is a friend of ARPI Network and we work together on many projects for external clients. Finally, we were able to deliver a modern and engaging way of presenting the excellent visual portfolio of Michał Korolec.

Different way of thinking

Right from the beginning we were deeply focused on the objective of Michał’s website which was to present the portfolio to existing or prospective clients. Secondly, we started to think about colors in a way that would separate our design from the market standards and well-known color combinations. The idea of inversing the typical black & white layouts kept us motivated and allowed us to develop a complete and interesting mobile-first experience.

Logo animation

Michał came up with an idea of the logo in motion. He asked us to animate his symbol so the users would have an impression that they are being observed. Check out the project for yourself at

ARPI Network is a part of ARPI Group, a Norwegian holding which started to operate in Poland in 2001.