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Website for a team of psychotherapists

Moods of Psychotherapy is a team of psychotherapists integrating the methods and values ​​of Gestalt and psychodynamic psychotherapy. As one of the few, they offer not only individual therapies but also group and special therapies for couples.

We, on the other hand, have prepared a website that fully reflects the broad spectrum of the team’s activities. Landing effortlessly contains both a blog with expert articles and a research section, short bios of psychotherapists, and fields with services in the form of animated photos. Each potential patient will quickly find the application form and make an appointment in one of the therapy office in Warsaw. Psychotherapy reaches the depths of being with the help of appropriately selected words and techniques. Designer’s solutions work similarly. Our simple-but-distinct solutions use white, gray and an atmospheric shade of green as the main color; we also see it in the logotype resembling an airy butterfly. Green brings hope, the layout brings harmony, ARPI Network has made the impossible once again. Be sure to check at:

ARPI Network is a part of ARPI Group, a Norwegian holding which started to operate in Poland in 2001.